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About Ian Derrington

I believe we need to harnessing the power of information in transforming society, biology, and aesthetics. My mission is to build impactful information chains that foster a symbiotic harmony, propelling humanity towards a thriving future.

My primary work revolves around developing innovative solutions that can translate complex biological data into valuable insights. These insights can lead to breakthroughs in medical treatments and provide doctors and patients with effective solutions.

My extended projects focus on creating products that promote high-value information exchange between people, people and the internet, and . This is a crucial aspect in today's digital age where information is the new currency.

Business and Tech

AI in Healthcare

AI has immense potential in the healthcare sector. However, it also comes with its own set of challenges. I am committed to understanding these challenges and developing solutions that can facilitate the exchange of information between life and understanding.

Promoting Good Information

In the era of fake news and disinformation, it is crucial to promote good information. Misinformation can distort our understanding of reality and cause harm to our present and future. I am working on next-generation solutions to enhance understanding between people and reality.

Core Skills

AI and ML


Project leadership Demonstrated in projects like IsXY!? and Make Truth Matter

Programming Predominantly Python, I also use javascript. Because GenAI is quickly enabling more efficient atomic solutions, putting them together is still an issue. It is important to understand what the pieces need to be and how they should fit together.

Ideation, solutionizing I really enjoy finding solutions to problems.

Beyond Business

AI and Machine Learning: Leveraging these technologies to unlock new potentials in data analysis and interpretation.

Collaborative Leadership: Building and guiding diverse teams towards common goals, fostering a culture of innovation and cooperation.

Project Leadership: Proven in transformative projects like IsXY!? and Make Truth Matter, where complex ideas were turned into tangible results.

Programming: Proficient in Python and JavaScript, with a keen focus on integrating GenAI advancements into practical, scalable solutions.

Problem-Solving and Innovation: A natural troubleshooter, I find joy in devising creative solutions to the most challenging problems.

Beyond Business

At home, I'm a devoted husband and father, soon to welcome another addition to our family.

My leisure time is a blend of physical and creative activities – from staying fit through exercise, dance, and climbing, to nurturing the earth in my garden, and crafting homemade cider, a personal passion of mine.