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Professional Experience

Principal Data Scientist II at Roche (2016-present)

At Roche, I've been pushing the boundaries of technology by creating innovative processes and algorithms with AI. This has enabled us to develop a disruptive next-generation Sequencing Technology.

Core Successes:

  • Leading colleagues from multiple divisions to help find and create optimal operations, procedures, and tools to enable responsible and efficient use of AI.
  • Leading our division’s efforts to effectively and safely use Generative AI and related technologies.
  • Awarded 2023 Creator-Event hackathon 2nd place for tools for Managing generative AI.
  • Awarded a 2023 Roche Internal Entrepreneur Grant to establish Genetics-focused foundation models.
  • Coordinating across multiple interdisciplinary teams to achieve key product milestones for interdisciplinary systems involving biochemistry, materials, robotics, high-volume time series data, and processing algorithms including AI/ML.
  • Established procedures and processes for ML experiment organization.
  • Developed our multi-repository documentation system.
  • Wrote essential traditional ML algorithms (HMMs) to help our team deliver key-milestone results.

Next-gen Technology Consultant at Illumina (2011-2013)

During my time at Illumina, I created analyses and observations that enabled next-generation sequencing technology to come closer to industrial realization.

Post Doctoral Research at University of Washington Seattle (2011-2016)

At the University of Washington, I developed foundational components to 3rd generation biotechnology called Nanopore sequencing. I also created a precision enzyme measurement tool called Single Molecule Picometer Resolution Nanopore Tweezers and advised undergrads and grads.

Leadership Experience

President and CEO at Make Truth Matter Again (2019-present)

I founded Make Truth Matter Again, a 501c3 non-profit with the vision to enable self-sustaining products that inherently work to combat disinformation.

Core successes:

  • Create online communities with between 350-500 participants.
  • Create The Honest Majority, a purpose-driven brand to encourage honesty.
  • Launched an “honest story” writing competition with over 60 accepted submissions.
  • Designed and managed the creation of IsXY!? a scaleable online game that encourages thoughtful recognition of AI or person-created disinformation.

President of The Career Development Organization for Phycisists at UW, Seattle, WA (2009-2011)

At the CDO, I planned and implemented networking events to help physics students to connect with employers, leading to a half-dozen job acceptances.

President of UW Climbing club (2008-2010)

As the President of the UW Climbing club, I led a leadership team of more than five to coordinate weekly outdoor education sessions and weekend outings. Helped to increase membership by more than 50%

Teaching Assistant Teaching Assistant in Physics. UW Physics Dept. Seattle, WA. (2005-2006)

Lead both algebra and calculus based physics labs and guided inquiry-based instruction for freshman physics.

Educational Background

Certification in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Stanford Graduate School of Business (2019)

At Stanford, I developed and pitched a rapid 9-week project to prospective investors.

Ph.D. in Physics from University of Washington

During my Ph.D., I developed and studied a next-generation DNA sequencing method. My focus ranged from creating and performing experiments to writing journal papers in notable journals and securing grants worth multi-million dollars.

B.S. in Engineering Physics from CU Boulder (2001-2005)

At CU Boulder, I probed fundamental physics using maximum-likelihood analyses on high volume data.

B.S. in Applied Mathematics

During my B.S. in Applied Mathematics, I worked on Newtonian-methods like algorithms for numerical equation solution approximations.

Primary tools

Data Science

Python: Scikitlearn, pandas, numpy, seaborn, plotly. Google sheets (yes, this is valuable...)

Python: Lang-chain. Tensorflow, google Vertex, Py-torch, Pytorch-lightning-hydra, Weights and Biases.

Python, Javascript, and visual editors. Flask. Gradio. Streamlit. MkDocs-Material, Wix, Basic 2D design in Adobe, Canva.

Google Cloud Platform (Administration), Jira (Basic). Airtable. Slack.