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I aim to help prevent entropy-driven destruction of information. Such prevention starts with life, continues with humanity, and expands with AI. Here are some projects where I work towards this aim.

As a tech enthusiast, I am currently working at the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and healthcare.

Primary Job: Roche

I am helping creating foundation language models for both genetics and proteins, coordinating multiple groups in the creation of next-generation DNA sequencing technology, and, finally, leading the procurement and use of platforms and tools that will enable our

Extra-curricular Projects

To be able to keep-up with the rapidly expanding research and application of Generative AI domains, I am working on Managing Gen() AI. This project uses Generative AI orchestrations, agents and other tools to create and maintain an understandable, comprehensive, and useable representation of both Generative and General AI research, tools, and products.

Make Truth Matter

In 2019 I established a non-profit organization called Make Truth Matter. The aim is to promote thoughtful interaction with information and foster both better communication among individuals and a greater degree of critical thinking regarding the often false/fake/simiulated information that is adding epistemic pollution to our understanding of reality.

The Honest Majority,

I also helped to establish THM, an initiative that encourages us to shift our perceptions beyond zero-sum outcomes throught the intentional use of thoughtful and effective honesty. It focuses on the use of story to share important considerations surround truth and how to be effective and thoughtful with it.

Extra Curricular


I have participated in several entrepreneur endeavours, starting with Ignite at Stanford Business, where we explored early applications of AI for


Writing is another passion of mine, though I have way more that I wish to write and might never achieve it -- without the help of GenAI. I believe in the power of words to shape our future, and I am committed to creating content that can inspire change.


I enjoy combining AI with art to bring inspiring aesthetics into our world. Though not at the caliber of highly-experienced AI-art engineers, I use the technology to better enable my projects.